Jerry Campbell Cause of Death: A Reality Star Gone Too Soon

Jerry Campbell was a famous hog hunter and the star of the A&E reality show “American Hoggers”. He and his family ran a business of game hunting and animal control in Texas, specializing in the removal of feral hogs. But what was the cause of his death? And how did he cope with his long battle with cancer?

A Courageous Fighter

Jerry Campbell was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2015, and he fought the disease for almost six and a half years. He underwent several treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, but he never gave up hope. He continued to work as a federal hunter for the Department of Interior, and he also appeared on the fourth season of “American Hoggers” in 2013. He shared his journey with his fans on social media, and he always expressed his gratitude to God and his family for their support. He also participated in various charity events and fundraisers to help other cancer patients and survivors.

A Mysterious Death

The exact cause of Jerry Campbell’s death is still unknown. His family reported that he passed away peacefully in his sleep, with his wife Kathie by his side. However, some sources claim that he died of a heart attack, while others suggest that he died of an accidental drug overdose. There is no official confirmation or evidence for either of these claims, and the investigation is still ongoing. It is unclear whether his death was related to his cancer or not.

A Conclusion

Based on the information that I found, I cannot determine the exact cause of Jerry Campbell’s death in 2021. However, I can conclude that he was a brave and inspiring man who lived a full and adventurous life. He was a successful and influential hog hunter who helped many people with their animal problems. He was also a loving and devoted husband, father, grandfather, and friend who left behind a legacy of faith and courage. He was a man who lived and died in Christ, and who now enjoys the presence of God in heaven.