Jay Moriarity Cause of Death: The Tragic End of a Surfing Legend

Jay Moriarity was a surfer from Santa Cruz, California, who became famous for surfing the giant waves at Mavericks, a notorious surf spot near Half Moon Bay. He was also a writer, a mentor, and a founder of his own company, Misfit Music Group. He was born in Georgia on June 16, 1978, and moved to Santa Cruz when he was a baby. He started surfing at age 9 and soon developed a passion and talent for the sport. He died on June 15, 2001, from a drowning accident in the Indian Ocean. He was 22 years old. Here is what you need to know about Jay Moriarity’s cause of death and his surfing achievements.

A Fearless and Inspirational Surfer

Jay Moriarity made his name as a surfer when he was only 16 years old, after he survived a spectacular wipeout at Mavericks, a surf spot that produces some of the biggest and most dangerous waves in the world. His wipeout was captured on film and made the cover of Surfer magazine, with the caption “Oh My God”. The image became iconic and showed Jay’s courage and determination to surf the monster waves.

Jay was not only a fearless surfer, but also an inspirational one. He was known for his positive attitude, his smile, and his motto “Live Like Jay”, which meant living life to the fullest and being kind to others. He was respected and admired by his peers and mentors, such as Frosty Hesson, who trained him to surf Mavericks. He was also a generous and humble person, who helped and supported other surfers, especially the younger ones.

Jay was not interested in surfing competitions or fame, but rather in surfing for the joy and challenge of it. He surfed all kinds of waves, from big to small, from cold to warm, from local to exotic. He also wrote and co-authored a book, The Ultimate Guide to Surfing, which shared his knowledge and experience of the sport. He also starred in his own web series, The Misfit Chronicles, which showcased his life and music.

Jay Moriarity Cause of Death

He was in the Maldives for a photo shoot for O’Neill, a surfwear company that sponsored him. He went free-diving alone, which is diving without any breathing equipment, and did not resurface. His body was found by a search and rescue team several hours later. The exact cause of his death is unknown, but it is believed that he drowned after being pulled down by the strong currents at the bottom of the wave.

His death was a huge shock and loss for the surfing community and the world. He was one day shy of his 23rd birthday. He left behind his wife Kim Moriarity, his parents Doug and Kristy, his sister Daniela, his brother Sean, and many friends and fans. His memorial service was held at Pleasure Point, a surf spot in Santa Cruz, where thousands of people gathered to pay their respects and celebrate his life. His ashes were scattered in the ocean, where he loved to surf.

Legacy and Impact

Despite his short life, Jay Moriarity left a lasting legacy and impact on the world. He was widely regarded as one of the best and most influential surfers of his generation, and a pioneer of big wave surfing. He also inspired many people with his positive and adventurous spirit, and his message of living like Jay. A biopic of his life, Chasing Mavericks, was released in 2012, with Jonny Weston playing the role of Jay. A documentary, Live Like Jay, was also released in 2013, featuring interviews and footage of Jay and his family and friends.

Jay Moriarity was also remembered as a loving husband, son, brother, and friend, who gave happiness and support to his loved ones. He was inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame in 2011, and the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum Hall of Fame in 2016. His name and image are still associated with surfing and Mavericks, and his spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of those who knew him and admired him.