Jason Colacino Cause of Death: A Tribute to a Dance Legend

Jason Colacino was a talented and respected professional dancer who mastered various styles of dance, from country line dancing to Argentine tango. He was best known for his dynamic West Coast Swing performances with his longtime partner Katie Boyle, which earned him several titles and accolades. He also taught, choreographed, competed, performed and judged all over the world, sharing his passion and skill with countless students and fans.

However, Jason’s life was tragically cut short on August 9, 2009, when he passed away unexpectedly at his home in New York City. He was only 31 years old. What was the cause of his death, and how did the dance community react to this devastating loss? In this article, we will explore the life and legacy of Jason Colacino, and pay tribute to one of the most gifted dancers ever to grace the hardwood.

Jason Colacino’s Early Life and Career

He started his dance career as a teenager, when he got involved in country line dancing. He quickly progressed to other styles, such as salsa, jazz, ballet and ballroom dancing. He discovered West Coast Swing, a smooth and versatile form of swing dance, and fell in love with it. He soon became one of the top competitors and performers in the scene, partnering with Gina Amato-Brown and later with Katie Boyle.

Jason and Katie formed a remarkable partnership that lasted for over a decade. They were known for their flawless technique, musicality, creativity and charisma. They won several prestigious competitions, such as the US Open Swing Dance Championships and the World Cabaret Championships. They also traveled the world, teaching and performing at various events and festivals. They were admired and respected by their peers and loved by their fans.

Jason also developed an interest in Argentine tango, a sensual and expressive dance that originated in Buenos Aires. He studied with some of the best teachers in the world, and became a proficient and passionate tango dancer. He performed and taught tango with various partners, such as Ana Padron, Natalia Hills and Cecilia Gonzalez.

Jason moved to New York City in 2002, and embraced the vibrant and diverse dance scene there. He continued to pursue his dance career, while also working as a personal trainer and a bartender. He was a friendly, generous and humble person, who always had a smile on his face and a joke to share. He had many friends and admirers, who appreciated his talent, personality and spirit.

Jason Colacino’s Cause of Death and Aftermath

On August 9, 2009, Jason Colacino passed away unexpectedly at his home in New York City. He had been suffering from pneumonia, and went into cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. He was only 31 years old.

Jason’s death shocked and saddened the dance community, both in the US and abroad. Many people expressed their grief and condolences online, and shared their memories and tributes of Jason. A memorial service was held in Tracy, California, on August 19, 2009, attended by his family, friends and fellow dancers.

Jason’s legacy lives on through his videos, which are still widely watched and admired by dancers and non-dancers alike. He is also remembered through the stories and testimonies of those who knew him, loved him and learned from him. He is regarded as one of the greatest dancers of his generation, and an inspiration to many.


Jason Colacino was a dance legend, who touched many lives with his talent and passion. He excelled in various styles of dance, but especially in West Coast Swing and Argentine tango. He had a successful and influential career, partnering with Katie Boyle and others. He was a kind, generous and humble person, who made friends wherever he went. He died unexpectedly at the age of 31, leaving behind a grieving family and a heartbroken dance community. His cause of death was pneumonia and cardiac arrest, caused by an enlarged heart. His legacy lives on through his videos, his scholarship and his memory. He is dearly missed, but never forgotten.