Jan Ross Cause of Death: How a Fatal Accident Shook the WWE Community

Who was Jan Ross?

Jan Ross was the wife of Jim Ross, a legendary WWE commentator and Hall of Famer. She was a former flight attendant who met Jim on a flight and married him in 1993. She was also a devoted mother of three children and a passionate animal lover.

How did Jan Ross die?

Jan Ross died on March 22, 2017, at the age of 55, after a tragic road accident that left her with severe brain and skull injuries. She was riding her Vespa scooter near her home in Oklahoma when she was hit from behind by a car driven by a 17-year-old boy. The impact threw her off the scooter and both vehicles caught fire. She was rushed to the hospital, but her condition was critical and she never regained consciousness.

Why is Jan Ross cause of death a heartbreaking topic?

The death of Jan Ross was a devastating loss for the WWE community, as she was loved and respected by many wrestlers, fans, and colleagues. Her husband, Jim Ross, was devastated by the tragedy and shared his grief and gratitude on social media and his blog. He described her as his “angel” and his “best friend” and thanked everyone for their prayers and support.

Many WWE stars and personalities expressed their condolences and tributes to Jan Ross and her family. They praised her for her courage, grace, and loyalty and remembered her as a wonderful person and a role model.

What are the lessons from Jan Ross cause of death?

The death of Jan Ross was a tragic reminder of the fragility and unpredictability of life. It also showed the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a scooter or a motorcycle, as it could have saved her life or reduced the severity of her injuries.

However, the death of Jan Ross also inspired many people to cherish their loved ones, appreciate their blessings, and live their lives to the fullest. It also demonstrated the strength and resilience of Jim Ross, who continued to work and pursue his passion for wrestling despite his immense sorrow. He said that he wanted to honor his wife’s memory and make her proud.


Jan Ross cause of death was a tragic event that shocked and saddened the WWE community and beyond. She was a remarkable woman who touched many lives and left a lasting impression. Her death also taught many valuable lessons and motivated many people to live better and happier lives. She will always be remembered and missed by her family, friends, and fans.