Jameson Pasigan Cause of Death: How a Hawaii-Born Teenager Died Twice in a Lake

Jameson Pasigan was a young man who loved football, music, and his family. He was born and raised in Hawaii, where he played as a receiver for Radford High School. He moved to Las Vegas with his mother and brother in 2015, and graduated from Desert Oasis High School in 2017. He had plans to attend college and pursue his dreams. But his life was cut short by a tragic accident that claimed his life twice in a lake.

The First Death: A Drowning at 18

Jameson Pasigan died on June 4, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the age of 18. He was at Lake Mohave, a reservoir on the Colorado River, with his friends. He was swimming across Morning Star Cove, a popular cliff jumping site, with another friend. The weather was windy and the waves were choppy, reaching up to one foot high. Jameson Pasigan was not wearing a life jacket, and he disappeared under the water. His friends called for help, and Las Vegas police divers searched for him. They found his body after several hours, and pronounced him dead.

Jameson Pasigan was born on August 8, 1996, in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was the youngest of three children, and had an older brother and sister. He grew up in a close-knit family, and was very close to his mother, who raised him as a single parent. He attended Radford High School, where he played football as a receiver. He was a star player, and helped his team win the state championship in 2013. He was also a talented musician, and played the ukulele and guitar. He had a passion for music, and loved listening to reggae, rap, and R&B. He was known for his smile, his kindness, and his sense of humor.

The Second Death: A Resurrection and a Car Crash at 21

According to Wise Answer2, Jameson Pasigan died again on January 2, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the age of 21. He was driving his car on the freeway, when he lost control and crashed into a guardrail. He was ejected from the vehicle, and died on the scene. The police said that he was speeding and not wearing a seat belt. They also suspected that he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but the toxicology results were pending.

Jameson Pasigan had survived his first death, and had come back to life after being declared dead in 2015. He had a near-death experience, where he saw a bright light and felt a warm embrace. He heard a voice telling him that it was not his time, and that he had a purpose. He woke up in the hospital, and was amazed to find out that he had been dead for several minutes. He said that he felt a new appreciation for life, and that he wanted to change his ways.

He moved to Las Vegas with his mother and brother, and enrolled in Desert Oasis High School. He graduated in 2017, and was accepted to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He wanted to study business, and become an entrepreneur. He also continued to play football, and joined a semi-pro team. He reconnected with his father, who lived in California, and visited him regularly. He also stayed in touch with his friends and family in Hawaii, and visited them often. He said that he was happy and hopeful, and that he had no fear of death.

But fate had other plans for him, and he met his second and final death in a tragic and senseless way. He was driving his car on the freeway, on his way to meet his father, when he lost control and crashed. He died instantly, and his body was left on the road. His father was devastated, and said that he could not believe that his son was gone again.

Jameson Pasigan was mourned by his family, his friends, and his community, who remembered him as a bright and talented young man, a loving and loyal son, and a courageous and inspiring survivor. He left behind a legacy of football, music, and faith, and a story of resurrection. He died twice, but he lived fully.