Jack Reilly Cause of Death: A Confusing Case of Multiple Namesakes

Jack Reilly is a name that has been associated with different people in different fields, such as music, acting, and gaming. However, some of these people have passed away in recent years, causing confusion and misinformation among the public. In this article, we will try to clarify the cause of death of each Jack Reilly, and how they are related or not related to each other.

Jack Reilly, the Jazz Pianist

Jack Reilly was an American jazz pianist, composer, and educator who died of a massive stroke on May 25, 2018, at his home in New Jersey. He was 86 years old. Reilly was known for his classical and jazz fusion style, and his collaborations with artists such as John LaPorta, Sheila Jordan, Ben Webster, and George Russell. He was also a professor and head of the jazz studies departments at several prestigious music schools, and the author of several books on jazz harmony and piano arrangements.

Jack Rieley, the Beach Boys Manager

Jack Rieley was an American businessman, record producer, songwriter, and disc jockey who managed the Beach Boys between mid-1970 and late 1973. He was credited with guiding them back to popular acclaim and co-writing some of their songs, such as “Sail On, Sailor”, “Funky Pretty”, and “The Trader”. He also sang lead on “A Day in the Life of a Tree” and narrated Brian Wilson’s fairy tale Mount Vernon and Fairway. He died on April 17, 2015, in Berlin, Germany, at the age of 72. The cause of his death was not publicly disclosed, but he had been suffering from cancer for several years.

Jack Riley, the Actor

Jack Riley was an American actor and comedian who was best known for his role as Elliot Carlin, a neurotic patient on The Bob Newhart Show. He also voiced Stu Pickles, the father of Tommy and Dil, on the animated series Rugrats and its spin-offs. He died on August 19, 2016, in Los Angeles, due to pneumonia. He was 80 years old.

Jack Reilly, the Video Game Character

Jack Reilly is a fictional character from the video game Heavy Rain, released in 2010. He was the former partner of Norman Jayden, an FBI agent who uses a device called ARI (Added Reality Interface) to investigate crimes. Reilly was also addicted to Triptocaine, a drug that counteracts the side effects of ARI, but also causes hallucinations and paranoia. He was killed as part of a cover-up, with his death staged to look like a suicide.


As we can see, there are four different people or characters named Jack Reilly or Jack Riley, who have different backgrounds, careers, and causes of death. It is important to verify the sources and dates of the information before jumping to conclusions or spreading rumors. We hope this article has helped you to clear up any confusion or curiosity you may have had about the topic of “jack reilly cause of death”.