How the Natural Healer Left a Legacy of Wisdom

Who was Andreas Moritz?

Andreas Moritz was a natural healer, author, and artist who dedicated his life to helping people restore their health and well-being. He was born on January 27, 1954, in Germany, and suffered from various chronic illnesses since childhood, such as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and severe arrhythmia.

However, Andreas did not give up hope. He decided to take charge of his own health and learn everything he could about the human body and its natural healing abilities. He discovered that animal-derived foods were the main cause of his problems, and switched to a vegan diet. He also learned about the importance of cleansing the liver and gallbladder, and developed a simple and effective method that he shared with millions of people around the world. He wrote over a dozen books on various topics related to health and spirituality, such as The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, Cancer Is Not a Disease, and Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.

How did Andreas Moritz die?

Andreas Moritz died on October 21, 2012, at the age of 58. His cause of death was not officially announced by his family or his website, but according to some sources, he was exposed to mold inhalation a few months before his death, which led to complications that resulted in heart valve failure.

Andreas did not fear death, and saw it as a natural and beautiful transition to another realm of existence. He believed that death was a choice, and that he had fulfilled his purpose on Earth. He died peacefully, with his wife Lillian by his side.

How did Andreas Moritz impact the world with his work?

Andreas Moritz was a pioneer and a visionary in the field of natural health and healing. He challenged the conventional medical paradigm and offered alternative solutions that were based on scientific evidence and personal experience. He empowered people to understand the root causes of their diseases and to address them with simple and natural methods.

Andreas Moritz was not only a healer, but also a teacher and a friend. He communicated with his readers and clients through his books, his website, his blog, and his social media. He answered their questions, gave them advice, and encouraged them to follow their intuition. He was always humble, respectful, and generous. He shared his knowledge and insights freely, and never claimed to have the ultimate truth. He respected everyone’s freedom of choice and expression, and never imposed his views on anyone.

Andreas Moritz was a rare and precious soul who touched the lives of many people. He will be remembered for his smile, his spirit, and his love.