How Master Fatman Lived and Died: A Tribute to a Danish Icon

Master Fatman, whose real name was Morten Lindberg, was a Danish media personality, musician, comedian, actor, and humanitarian. He died unexpectedly on March 26, 2019, at the age of 53. His cause of death has not been disclosed to the public, out of respect for his family and friends. He is survived by his wife, Herminia, and their five children.

A Man of Many Talents

Master Fatman was known for his eclectic and eccentric style, as well as his diverse and creative pursuits. He started his career as a performer in the late 1980s, using various stage names and alter egos, such as Tykmesteren, the cosmic guru. He was involved in underground performance art, theatre, film, tv, radio, and music. He directed the cult film Gayniggers from Outer Space, participated in the Danish Eurovision Song Contest, competed in the dance show Vild med dans, and hosted several radio and tv programs. He also owned a tattoo shop, made his own machines, and played in several bands.

A Man of the World

Master Fatman was a passionate traveler and a lover of different cultures. He had strong ties to India, Brazil, Mozambique, and France, where he lived for extended periods. He learned several languages, including Portuguese, Hindi, and French. He was inspired by the music, art, and spirituality of these countries, and incorporated them into his own work. He also supported various charity and community projects, such as orphanages, schools, and hospitals, in Brazil and Mozambique.

A Man of Joy

Master Fatman was a charismatic and generous person, who spread joy and positivity wherever he went. He was known for his colorful and extravagant outfits, his humorous and witty remarks, and his kind and compassionate gestures. He was a friend and a mentor to many, and a role model for living life to the fullest. He touched and influenced many people with his talent, passion, and kindness.

Master Fatman left behind a legacy that will not be forgotten by the Danish and international media, art, and entertainment scene. His art will live on in the walls, machines, and skins that he decorated. His spirit will live on in the hearts and minds of those who knew him, loved him, and admired him. He was a true legend and an amazing human being. Rest in peace, Master Fatman.