How Hanna Kroeger, the Grandmother of Health, Died at 85

Hanna Kroeger was a pioneer in the field of natural health, who ran a health food store, a vegetarian restaurant, a wholesale herb business, and a health resort in Boulder, Colorado. She also authored over 20 books on herbal therapies and ministered to hundreds of people with her spiritual teachings. She was known as the “Grandmother of Health” for her dedication to helping others with natural remedies. But how did she die and what was her legacy?

Early Life and Career of Hanna Kroeger

Hanna Kroeger was born in Turkey in 1913 to German missionaries who ran an orphanage. She grew up watching her parents help the less fortunate and learned about herbal medicine from her mother. She studied nursing at a German hospital where she worked with a renowned alternative medicine practitioner. She married Rudolph Kroeger, a mechanical engineer, and had five children. After World War II, they immigrated to the U.S. and settled in Boulder in 1956.

In Boulder, Kroeger opened one of the first health food stores in America, where she sold fresh juices, herbal teas, nuts, seeds, oils, and homemade bread. She also offered health advice and used a method called “dowsing” to diagnose illnesses with a pendulum. She started making her own herbal products by hand and developed over 200 homeopathic remedies. She taught nutrition classes and opened a vegetarian restaurant upstairs. She also started the Kroeger Herb Wholesale Product Company, which sold hundreds of lines of herbs and homeopathic treatments worldwide.

In 1967, Kroeger and her family started a health resort, Peaceful Meadow, which followed the model of popular European health resorts. They also started the Chapel of Miracles on their property, where Kroeger ministered each Sunday to about 100 congregants. She combined her spiritual and healing teachings in her books, which mostly dealt with herbal therapies that she obtained from traditional European and Native American sources.

Legal Troubles and Death of Hanna Kroeger

Kroeger’s unconventional methods and products attracted the attention of the authorities, who accused her of practicing medicine without a license. In 1971, she was indicted on 11 counts of violating the Medical Practice Act. She faced up to 55 years in prison and $55,000 in fines. However, she was acquitted by a jury after a three-week trial. The jury found that she did not receive compensation for treating patients and that she did not claim to be a doctor.

Kroeger continued her work until her death in 1998. She died on May 7, 1998, in Boulder, at the age of 85. According to Wikipedia, she died of natural causes. According to Healthy Concepts, she died not long after the death of her husband. According to Find a Grave, she was buried at Valmont Cemetery in Boulder.

Legacy of Hanna Kroeger

Kroeger’s legacy lives on through her family, her products, her books, and her followers. Her daughter Gisela left a career as a mathematics professor and database designer to take over Kroeger’s business. She also runs the Peaceful Meadow Retreat, which still teaches Kroeger’s methods. Kroeger’s products are still available online and in stores. Her books are still in print and widely read. Her followers still practice her teachings and honor her memory.

Hanna Kroeger was a remarkable woman who devoted her life to helping others with natural health. She was a pioneer, a visionary, and a leader in her field. She was the Grandmother of Health, who died at 85.