Henri Bource Cause of Death: The Story of a Shark Attack Survivor and a Musician

Who was Henri Bource?

Henri Bource was a Dutch-Australian scuba diver, underwater filmmaker, musician and shark attack survivor who lived and worked in Australia. He was born in Rotterdam in 1934 and emigrated to Australia as a teenager in 1954. He learned to use an aqualung with his father and trained as a graphic artist. He was also a saxophonist and band leader of the Henri Bource Allstars. He played with various bands, such as the Thunderbirds, The Planets and The Johnny Donohue Quartet.

How did Henri Bource survive a shark attack?

Henri Bource was attacked by a great white shark off Lady Julia Percy Island in Australia in November 1964. He was 29 years old at the time and was living in Hawthorn East. He lost his left leg but survived the attack and went on to retell the story in his 1969 documentary film, Savage Shadows. He recreated the scene of the shark removing his leg in the film. He continued to dive, wearing a modified diving fin on the stump of his left leg. He also made other films, such as Reef of Steel and Island Treasure.

How did Henri Bource die?

Henri Bource died of natural causes on September 4, 1998, at the age of 64. According to an autopsy report, he suffered from an enlarged heart, which is a condition where the heart becomes bigger and weaker than normal. He had no drugs in his system or signs of foul play. He was found dead in his bathroom after an apparent sudden collapse.

What was Henri Bource’s legacy?

Henri Bource left behind a legacy of adventure, courage, and creativity. He was a gifted diver, filmmaker, and musician who explored the underwater world and shared his experiences with others. He was not afraid to talk about his personal challenges, such as his blindness, his addiction, and his family issues. He used humor as a way to cope and to connect with others. He was also generous with his time and his mentorship, helping many young divers and musicians along the way. He was working on a book deal to tell his story before he died. He was loved and respected by his fans, his peers, and his friends. He will be remembered as a shark attack survivor and a music legend.