Helen Van Wyk Cause of Death: The Tragic Loss of a Renowned Artist and Teacher

Who was Helen Van Wyk?

Helen Van Wyk was a painter, author, and television personality who was best known for her PBS show “Welcome to My Studio”, where she taught viewers how to paint portraits and still lifes in oil. She was born in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, in 1930 and studied at the Art Students League of New York and the National Academy of Design. She moved to Rockport, Massachusetts, in 1968 and became a member of the Rockport Art Association. She wrote seven books on painting techniques and exhibited her work in various galleries and museums. She was admired for her realistic and expressive style, her mastery of color and light, and her warm and engaging personality.

How did Helen Van Wyk die?

She died in December 1994, at the age of 64, at her home in Massachusetts. She had been diagnosed with cancer a few months before her death and had undergone treatment, but it was unsuccessful.

What was the impact of Helen Van Wyk’s death?

Helen Van Wyk’s death was a great loss for the art world and the community. She left behind a legacy of beautiful paintings, inspiring books, and memorable TV episodes that have influenced generations of artists and art lovers. She also left behind a family, including her husband, Robert Rogoff, and her daughter, Rachel Van Wyk. Her paintings are in the collections of the National Academy of Design, the Butler Institute of American Art, the Cape Ann Historical Museum, and many private collectors. Her books and videos are still available for purchase and learning. Her fans and students have created websites, blogs, and social media pages to honor her memory and share her work.


Helen Van Wyk cause of death was a sad and unfortunate event that cut short the life and career of a talented and beloved artist and teacher. She was a remarkable woman who touched many lives with her art and her personality. She will always be remembered and appreciated for her contributions to the field of painting and art education.