Héctor Pérez Jr. Cause of Death: The Tragic Fate of Héctor Lavoe’s Son

Who was Héctor Pérez Jr.?

Héctor Pérez Jr. was the son of Héctor Lavoe, a Puerto Rican salsa singer who was widely regarded as the best and most influential singer and interpreter in the history of salsa music.

Héctor Pérez Jr. was born on September 25, 1969, to Héctor Lavoe and his wife Nilda “Puchi” Lavoe. He had a brother, José Alberto Pérez, and a stepsister, Leslie, from Nilda’s previous marriage. Héctor Pérez Jr.

How did Héctor Pérez Jr. die?

Héctor Pérez Jr. died in 1987, at the age of 17, after being accidentally shot by a friend of his father. The incident occurred in the apartment of Héctor Lavoe in Rego Park, Queens, New York. According to some sources, the friend was playing with a gun that belonged to Lavoe, and did not know that it was loaded. He pointed the gun at Héctor Pérez Jr.

The death of Héctor Pérez Jr. was a devastating blow for Héctor Lavoe, who was already suffering from the loss of his father, his mother-in-law, and his own health problems. He attempted suicide by jumping off a hotel balcony in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1988, but survived. He continued to record music until his health deteriorated.

What is the legacy of Héctor Pérez Jr. and Héctor Lavoe?

Héctor Pérez Jr. and Héctor Lavoe are remembered as part of the history of salsa music and Puerto Rican culture.

Héctor Lavoe is considered one of the greatest salsa singers of all time, and his songs are still popular and influential today. He is known for his distinctive voice, his improvisational skills, and his emotional expression. Some of his most famous songs include “El Cantante”, “Periodico de Ayer”, “Aguanile”, and “Mi Gente”.

Héctor Pérez Jr. and Héctor Lavoe are buried in the Cementerio Civil de Ponce, in their hometown of Ponce, Puerto Rico.