Emma Schmidt Cause of Death: The Mystery Behind the Alleged Possession Victim

Who was Emma Schmidt?

Emma Schmidt, also known as Anna Ecklund, was an American woman who claimed to be possessed by demons for several decades. She was born in 1882, in Wisconsin, to a Catholic family. She reportedly began to show signs of possession at the age of 14, such as aversion to holy objects, blasphemous thoughts, and sexual perversion. She was said to be cursed by her aunt Mina, who was a witch and a lover of her father. She underwent several exorcisms by Catholic priests, the most famous one being in 1928, in Earling, Iowa, which lasted for four months and attracted media attention.

What is the controversy about her case?

Emma Schmidt’s case is one of the most controversial and disputed cases of alleged demonic possession in history. There are many inconsistencies and contradictions in the sources that document her story, such as her real name, her date and place of birth, her family background, and her relationship with Father Theophilus Riesinger, the priest who performed her final exorcism. Some scholars have questioned the authenticity and accuracy of Vogl’s book, which was based on Riesinger’s account, and suggested that it was exaggerated or fabricated to promote the Catholic faith and the power of exorcism.

How did Emma Schmidt die?

Emma Schmidt’s cause of death is unknown, as there is no official record of her death certificate or her burial place. Some sources suggest that she died of natural causes, while others imply that she died of complications from her possession or exorcism.

What is the legacy of Emma Schmidt?

Emma Schmidt’s legacy is a matter of debate, as her case is still shrouded in mystery and controversy. Some people view her as a victim of evil forces, who endured unimaginable suffering and torment, and who demonstrated the reality and danger of demonic possession. Some people view her as a fraud, who faked or exaggerated her symptoms, and who exploited the public’s fascination and fear of the supernatural. Some people view her as a patient, who needed medical and psychological help, and who was mistreated and misunderstood by her family and the church. Emma Schmidt’s case has inspired many books, movies, documentaries, and articles, as well as research and investigation by paranormal and religious experts.