Elvira Quintana Cause of Death: The Tragic End of a Spanish-Mexican Star

Elvira Quintana was a talented actress and singer who rose to fame in the 1950s and 1960s in Mexico. She starred in many popular films and telenovelas, and also recorded several albums. She was admired for her beauty, charisma, and versatility. However, her life was cut short by a fatal illness that took her away at the age of 33. What was the cause of death of Elvira Quintana, and how did it affect her career and legacy?

A Refugee from the Spanish Civil War

Elvira Quintana was born as Elvira Catalina Quintana Molina on November 7, 1935, in Montijo, Spain. She was the daughter of a Spanish army officer who died in the Spanish Civil War. When she was five years old, she and her mother, sister, and brother fled to Mexico as refugees. There, she grew up in a modest household and helped her family by working in a shop.

She had a passion for acting since she was a child, and enrolled in the National Association of Actors’ theatre and film institute, where she learned from renowned actor Andrés Soler. She also worked in radio and theatre, and made her film debut as an extra in 1953.

A Rising Star in Mexican Cinema

Elvira Quintana’s career took off in 1958, when she starred in Bolero Inmortal, a musical drama that showcased her singing and dancing skills. The film and its soundtrack were a huge success, and Quintana became one of the most popular performers in Mexico. She also underwent plastic surgery to refine her nose, which enhanced her beauty and appeal.

She went on to star in many films of different genres, such as comedy, drama, horror, and western. She worked with some of the biggest names in Mexican cinema, such as Pedro Armendáriz, Tin Tan, Ramón Gay, and Joaquín Cordero. She also ventured into television, appearing in several telenovelas, such as El dolor de amar and Felipa Sánchez, la soldadera, in which she played diverse and challenging roles.

She was known for her professionalism, dedication, and versatility, as well as her charm, grace, and elegance. She was also a successful singer, recording four studio albums and one compilation album. She sang in various styles, such as bolero, ranchera, and rock and roll. She was considered one of the most complete and talented artists of her generation.

A Mysterious and Painful Illness

Elvira Quintana’s life and career were abruptly interrupted by a mysterious and painful illness that began to affect her in 1967. She suffered from pancreatic problems and kidney failure, which caused her severe discomfort and weight loss. She was hospitalized several times, and underwent dialysis and blood transfusions. She also had to cancel some of her projects and appearances due to her poor health.

The exact cause of her illness was never confirmed, but some sources speculated that it was related to the liquid silicone injections she had received to enhance her figure. These injections were popular among actresses at the time, but they were also risky and illegal. Some of her colleagues, such as Ana Bertha Lepe and Lorena Velázquez, also suffered from complications due to these injections.

On August 8, 1968, Elvira Quintana suffered a cerebral embolism, the result of hypertension caused by her kidney problems, and died in Mexico City. She was survived by her mother and two siblings, who were devastated by her loss. She was buried at the Panteón Jardín, where many fans and friends paid their respects.

A Lasting Legacy and a Street Named After Her

Elvira Quintana’s death was a shock and a tragedy for the Mexican entertainment industry and the public. She was mourned and remembered as one of the most beloved and talented stars of her era. Her films and songs are still enjoyed and appreciated by many fans, and her name is often mentioned among the greats of Mexican cinema.

Her hometown of Montijo, Spain, also honored her memory by naming a street after her. The street, called Calle Elvira Quintana, is located in the center of the town, and has a plaque that reads: “In memory of Elvira Quintana, a great actress and singer, born in this town on November 7, 1935, and died in Mexico on August 8, 1968.”

Elvira Quintana’s cause of death was a sad and unfortunate end to a brilliant and promising career. She left behind a legacy of art and beauty that will never be forgotten. She was, and still is, an immortal star.