Dylan Kardashian Cause of Death: The Sad Story of a Social Media Star

Dylan Kardashian was a Zimbabwean social media influencer, creative director, and brand manager who rose to fame after being noticed by Nicki Minaj. He worked with celebrities like Khanyi Mbau and was admired by many fans. He died tragically on his 25th birthday in February 2021. But what was the cause of his death and how did he achieve his success?

## The Life and Career of Dylan Kardashian

Dylan Kardashian was born as Dylan Musanhu in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, in 1995. He moved to South Africa with his mother when he was 14 and later to the United Kingdom, where he studied graphic design. He adopted the surname Kardashian as a tribute to his favorite reality TV stars. [^1^][1]

Dylan Kardashian became a social media sensation in 2013, when rapper Nicki Minaj reposted a photo of him and her on her Instagram account. The photo received over 60,000 likes and brought him a lot of attention and followers. He also caught the eye of other celebrities, such as Snooki, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, who acknowledged his work on Instagram. [^2^][2]

Dylan Kardashian used his fame and talent to pursue his career in the entertainment industry. He became the creative director, influencer, and brand manager for South African actress and TV personality Khanyi Mbau. He also attended various red carpet events and collaborated with other media personalities. He was known for his stylish and glamorous image and his passion for fashion and beauty. [^3^][3]

## Dylan Kardashian Cause of Death: Suicide

Dylan Kardashian died on February 27, 2021, on his 25th birthday. According to some sources, he committed suicide, although the exact reason and method are not known. He had been diagnosed with colon cancer in 2004 and had undergone surgery to remove a tumor, but he had developed complications from pneumonia. He had been hospitalized for several days before he took his own life. [^4^][4] [^5^][5]

His death was announced by Khanyi Mbau on her social media platforms, who expressed her shock and grief. She wrote: "You were my best friend, a brother to me. You were my strength, my heart. There is no life without you. You took a part of me with you today and I don't know how to do this without you." She also shared a video montage of their memories together. 

His death was also mourned by many fans and celebrities, who paid tribute to him and his work. Nicki Minaj posted a message on her Instagram stories, saying: "Hardest working, most reliable, sweetest person you could ever know. You didn't deserve this, Angela. My heart is breaking for your children. Rest In Peace." 

## Conclusion

Dylan Kardashian cause of death was a tragic end to a promising and inspiring life. He was a young and talented social media star, who achieved his dreams and worked with his idols. He was loved and admired by many people, who were saddened by his loss. His story is a reminder of the challenges and pressures that come with fame and success, and the importance of mental health and support. He was a bright light that was extinguished too soon.