Dr. Scott Sims: Cause of Death and Legacy of an Aloha Vet

Dr. Scott Sims was an American veterinarian and television personality, best known for his factual television series Aloha Vet, which aired in 2015. He was a compassionate and adventurous animal doctor, who traveled across Hawaii to treat all kinds of creatures, from pets to wildlife. He died of bladder cancer on July 25, 2015, at the age of 59. This article will explore the cause of his death and the legacy he left behind.

How Did Dr. Scott Sims Die?Dr. Scott Sims died of bladder cancer, which is a type of cancer that affects the urinary bladder, the organ that stores urine. he lost his battle to cancer after a two-month fight. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer in May 2015, when he was in talks for a second season of Aloha Vet. He underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but the cancer was too aggressive and spread to other parts of his body. He died at his home in Kauai, Hawaii, surrounded by his family and friends.The exact cause of bladder cancer is unknown, but some possible risk factors include smoking, exposure to certain chemicals, chronic urinary infections, and genetic mutations. Bladder cancer can cause symptoms such as blood in the urine, pain or burning during urination, frequent or urgent urination, and lower back pain. Bladder cancer can be detected by urine tests, cystoscopy, biopsy, and imaging tests. Bladder cancer can be treated by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, or a combination of these methods.What Was Dr. Scott Sims Famous For?Dr. Scott Sims was born in New Jersey and raised in California. He graduated from the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine in 1984. He co-founded the Davis Wildlife Care Association, a nonprofit organization that rescued and rehabilitated injured wildlife. He also founded a veterinary clinic, Pegasus Veterinary Clinic, in Novato, California. In 2001, he moved to Kauai, Hawaii, after falling in love with the island during a vacation. He operated his clinic from his estate, where he lived with his pet parrot, Oliver.Dr. Scott Sims was a large and small animal veterinarian, who treated animals of all shapes and sizes, from dogs and cats to horses and cows, from birds and reptiles to dolphins and whales. He was famous for his unconventional and innovative methods, such as performing acupuncture, laser therapy, and stem cell therapy on animals. He was also famous for his adventurous and fearless spirit, as he traveled by plane, car, boat, horseback, or ATV to reach his patients, often in remote and dangerous locations. He was known as the “barefoot vet” because he preferred to work without shoes.Dr. Scott Sims was the star of Aloha Vet, a factual television series that followed his veterinary career in Hawaii. The series was produced by Shine America and aired on Nat Geo WILD in 2015. The series showcased his amazing skills and personality, as well as the beauty and diversity of Hawaii’s wildlife and culture. The series was a hit among viewers and critics, who praised Dr. Scott Sims for his passion, dedication, and humor. He was in talks for a second season when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer.What Was Dr. Scott Sims’ Personal Life Like?Dr. Scott Sims was a single and childless man, but he had a large and loving family of friends, colleagues, and clients. He was a generous and kind-hearted person, who supported various causes and charities, especially those related to animal welfare and conservation. He was also a fun-loving and adventurous person, who enjoyed surfing, hiking, flying, and traveling. He was writing a book, Eating Horses Don’t Die, about his life and experiences as a veterinarian.Dr. Scott Sims was buried at Arlington National Cemetery, next to his father, who was a US Air Force colonel. He was honored with a military funeral, as he was a veteran of the US Air Force Reserve. He was also honored with a memorial service at his estate, where hundreds of people gathered to pay tribute to him. His ashes were scattered over the ocean, as he wished.What Is Dr. Scott Sims’ Legacy?Dr. Scott Sims is remembered as one of the most remarkable and inspiring veterinarians of his time. He was a pioneer in many ways, as he used cutting-edge techniques and technologies to treat animals, as he traveled across Hawaii to reach his patients, and as he starred in his own television show. He was a hero to many animals and people, who he helped and healed with his skills and compassion. He was also a role model to many aspiring veterinarians, who he mentored and encouraged with his wisdom and humor.He has a star on the Kauai Walk of Fame, and has been inducted into the Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association Hall of Fame. His clinic, Pegasus Veterinary Clinic, is still operating, under the management of his long-time employees, Dia and Ella. His television show, Aloha Vet, is still airing, and has been preserved by the National Geographic Society. His book, Eating Horses Don’t Die, is still being written, by his friend and co-author, Pam Johnson-Bennett.Dr. Scott Sims was a remarkable man, who lived a full and extraordinary life. He left behind a legacy of love, courage, and excellence, that continues to inspire and entertain generations of fans.