Dr. Payan Cause of Death: A Tragic Mystery

Dr. Bolek Jahan Payan was a 32-year-old psychiatrist who worked at Henry Ford Jackson Hospital’s behavioral health office in Michigan. He was reported missing by his family on December 22, 2022, after he left the hospital and did not return to his home in Leoni Township. Five days later, his body was found under the ice in a pond on his property.

A Promising Career Cut Short

Dr. Payan was born in Baltimore, MD, to his parents Farhad and Monika Payan. He graduated from Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2017 and became a board certified psychiatrist in 2020. He was respected and appreciated by his patients, residents, and peers for his skills and compassion. He was also an avid family man who loved to spend time with his mother, grandmother, and friends. He enjoyed outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, kayaking, and stargazing.

A Mysterious Disappearance and Discovery

Dr. Payan was last seen on December 22, 2022, leaving Henry Ford Jackson Hospital, where he worked. His family, who were visiting from Illinois for the Christmas holiday, reported him missing when he did not return home. The police searched his house and surrounding property with dogs and a drone, but did not find any clues. On December 27, they gained access to his home’s video surveillance system, which showed him leaving his home on foot later that day. They then searched the pond behind his house and found his body under the ice

An Unexplained Cause of Death

The Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office conducted an autopsy on Dr. Payan’s body and determined that the cause of death was drowning, with contributing causes of hypothermia and ketamine intoxication. Ketamine is a powerful anesthetic that can cause hallucinations, sedation, and dissociation. It is unclear how Dr. Payan obtained or ingested the drug, or why he ended up in the pond. The police said that they did not suspect foul play, but the investigation was still ongoing. They also said that Dr.

A Loss Felt by Many

Dr. Payan’s death was a shock and a tragedy for his family, friends, colleagues, and patients. He was remembered as a wise, confident, intelligent, and generous human being who was devoted to his duties as a son, grandson, and friend. He was also a remarkable psychiatrist who made a positive impact on many lives. His family declined to comment to the media and requested privacy during a difficult time. A memorial service was held for him on January 14, 2023, at Burden Patience Montgomery Funeral Home in Jackson, MI. In lieu of flowers, contributions could be made