Dr. Andrew Moulden Cause of Death: The Mystery of the Anti-Vaccine Activist’s Demise

Dr. Andrew Moulden, a Canadian physician and anti-vaccine activist, died on November 4, 2013, at the age of 49. His death was sudden and unexpected, and the official cause of death has not been released to the public. His death sparked controversy and speculation, especially among his followers and supporters, who believed that he was a victim of a conspiracy or a cover-up. In this article, we will try to examine the facts and the myths about Dr. Andrew Moulden’s cause of death.

The Official Cause of Death: Undetermined

According to the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner, the official cause of death for Dr. Andrew Moulden has not been determined yet. Therefore, any claims or reports about the exact cause of death are premature and unconfirmed.

Dr. Moulden died in Nashville, Tennessee, where he had been living for many years. He was a controversial figure in the medical community, who claimed that vaccines cause a wide range of diseases and disorders, such as autism, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and sudden infant death syndrome

The Unofficial Cause of Death: Suicide or Murder

However, some online sources have claimed that Dr. Moulden’s cause of death was either suicide or murder, and that his death was related to his anti-vaccine activism. According to some websites, Dr.

However, these claims have not been verified or corroborated by any official or reliable sources. Dr. Moulden’s family and friends have not made any public statements about his death, except for expressing their grief and requesting privacy. Dr. Moulden’s wife, who is also a physician, has not commented on the rumors or the reports about her husband’s cause of death.

The Truth: A Respectful and Private Matter

In conclusion, Dr. Andrew Moulden’s cause of death is still unknown and pending further investigation. Any rumors or speculations about his death are based on unconfirmed or unreliable information, and should be treated with caution and respect. Dr. Moulden was a passionate and outspoken physician, who had a large and loyal following of people who believed in his views and his work. He is survived by his wife and his four children. May he rest in peace.