Diana Lewis Cause of Death: How the Actress and Judge Left a Mark on the World

Who was Diana Lewis?

Diana Lewis was a woman of many talents and achievements. She was an actress who starred in several films in the 1930s and 1940s, most notably opposite William Powell, whom she married in 1940. She was also a judge who served on the Palm Beach County Circuit Court from 2002 to 2015, after a successful career as a civil litigator. She was a devout Catholic who was involved in various charitable and educational causes, especially related to women’s golf and the LPGA. She was a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a friend to many.

How did Diana Lewis die?

She passed away at JFK Medical Center North in Palm Beach County, Florida, where she had lived for most of her life. She was surrounded by her loved ones and received the last rites from a priest. She was buried at St. Edward Catholic Church in Palm Beach, next to her husband, who died in 1984.

What are the reactions to Diana Lewis’ death?

Diana Lewis’ death was mourned by many people who knew her and admired her. Her family, friends, colleagues, and fans expressed their sadness and condolences on social media and other platforms. They praised her intelligence, her work ethic, her community service, and her faith. They shared their memories and tributes of her. Some of the messages are:

  • “We are heartbroken by the loss of our beloved Diana Lewis. She was a wonderful woman who lived a remarkable life. She was a star on the screen and on the bench. She was a leader and a role model. She was a faithful and generous person.
  • “Diana Lewis was a brilliant judge and a dear friend. She was a pioneer and a trailblazer for women in the legal profession. She was a fair and impartial jurist who upheld the rule of law and the dignity of the human person. She was a mentor and a supporter of many young lawyers and judges.
  • “Diana Lewis was a legend and a hero. She was an actress who charmed and entertained millions of viewers. She was a judge who served and protected the community. She was a golfer who loved and supported the sport. She was a Notre Dame alumna who embodied the spirit and values of the university. She was a friend and a sister who cared and helped many. She was a gift and a treasure to the world.” – A statement by the University of Notre Dame

How can we remember and honor Diana Lewis?

Diana Lewis was a remarkable woman who left a remarkable legacy. She was a star and a judge who made a difference and an impact on the world. She was a faithful and a charitable person who gave and received love and grace. She was a happy and a fulfilled person who lived and enjoyed life.

We can remember and honor Diana Lewis by celebrating her life and achievements. We can watch her movies, read her opinions, and learn from her wisdom. We can support and donate to the causes and organizations she cared about, such as the LPGA, the Catholic Relief Services, and the DePorres Place literacy center. We can follow and emulate her example of excellence, service, and faith. We can do it. We can survive. We can thrive.