Derek Sarafa Cause of Death: A Sudden Loss of a Generous Soul

Who was Derek Sarafa?

Derek Sarafa was a 43-year-old man from Royal Oak, Michigan, who had a successful career as a financial advisor and a philanthropic heart. He was the beloved son of Sameer and Rosie, the dear brother of David, Dennis, and Suzanne, and the devoted uncle of 10 nieces and nephews. He was known for his intelligence, humor, and kindness, and for his love of music, sports, and travel. He had a large network of friends and colleagues who admired and respected him.

Derek’s life ended unexpectedly on November 1, 2015, when he was found dead in his apartment. The cause of his death was not disclosed by his family or the authorities, but it was reported that he passed away peacefully in his sleep. His sudden death shocked and saddened everyone who knew him, and left a void in their lives.

What was Derek’s legacy?

Derek was a man who lived his life with generosity and compassion, and who left behind a legacy of hope and happiness. He was involved in various charitable causes and organizations, such as Angels’ Place, St. Francis Home Endowment, Operation Christmas Child, Samaritan’s Purse, and Compassion International. He donated his time, money, and talents to help people in need, both locally and globally. He also inspired others to do the same, by sharing his stories and experiences, and by encouraging them to give back.

One of the most remarkable examples of Derek’s generosity was his fulfillment of his friend Aaron Collins’ last wish. Aaron, who died in 2014, had asked his family to leave a $500 tip for a waiter or waitress on a pizza, and to record their reaction. His family honored his wish and created a website, where they collected donations to continue his legacy of kindness. Derek was one of the first and most generous donors, and he also participated in several tipping events, where he gave $500 tips to unsuspecting servers. He also helped spread the word about Aaron’s last wish, and touched many hearts with his gesture.

How can you honor Derek’s memory?

You can honor Derek’s memory by following his example and living your life with love and gratitude. You can also support his family and his causes by donating, sharing, or following their website and social media accounts. Your contribution will help them cope with their loss and continue Derek’s legacy of generosity. You can also join them in spreading kindness and joy to others, and honoring Derek’s spirit.

You can also follow his family on Facebook, where they post updates and memories of him.

Derek Sarafa was a man who made a difference in the world, and who left a lasting impression on everyone he met. He was a son, a brother, a uncle, a friend, and a hero. He will never be forgotten.