Dante Bucci Cause of Death: The Mystery Behind the Hang Drum Virtuoso

Dante Bucci was a Dutch musician who played the hang drum, a type of handpan. He was a creative collaborator and a fixture of the Philadelphia music scene. He released two albums, Reminiscence and Kinesthesia, and worked with artists such as Amos Lee, Mutlu Onaral, and Kuf Knotz. He also appeared in the movie Major League II as a drummer.

On August 13, 2014, Bucci’s death was announced by his niece Evangeline Squall on social media. However, a cause of death was not revealed. he suffered a brain hemorrhage, but this information was not confirmed by any official source. but again, there was no evidence to support this claim.

Bucci’s death was mourned by many fans and colleagues, who remembered him as a hard-working and passionate musician. He was known for his remarkable story of making it to the majors after attending an open tryout for the Chicago White Sox in 1978, when he was playing 16-inch softball in Chicago. He was the only one out of 250 players to receive a contract. He made his MLB debut in 1981 and played for six seasons, mostly as a reliever. He was part of the White Sox team that won the AL West title in 1983. He retired as a player in 1991 and became a car salesman in Ohio. He returned to baseball in 2003 as a batting practice pitcher for the White Sox and was part of the 2005 World Series championship team.

Bucci’s legacy as a musician and a coach was marked by his determination, perseverance, and love for the game. He also had a unique and unusual talent for playing the hang drum, which he took to an incredible level. He was a master of making the drums sing, creating both percussive and melodic sounds with the UFO-shaped instrument. He was one of the pioneers of the handpan genre, inspiring many other artists and fans.

Bucci’s true cause of death has yet to be determined. His fans and family are still waiting for more details and closure on his tragic passing.