Creadel Red Jones Cause of Death: The Tragic End of the Chi-Lites Singer

Creadel Red Jones was a singer and a founding member of the Chi-Lites, a soul and R&B group that rose to fame in the 1970s. He was known for his deep bass voice and his harmonies with the lead singer, Eugene Record. He sang on many of the group’s hits, such as “Have You Seen Her”, “Oh Girl”, and “For God’s Sake Give More Power to the People”. He also co-wrote some of the songs, such as “Stoned Out of My Mind” and “A Letter to Myself”. He left the group in 1973, after a dispute over royalties and creative control. He later rejoined the group in 1980, and stayed until 1988. He died in 1994, at the age of 53, from a heart attack. This article will explore Creadel Red Jones’ cause of death, his career, and his legacy in the music industry.

Creadel Red Jones’ Early Life and Career

Creadel Red Jones was born on September 25, 1940, in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in a musical family, and started singing at a young age. He joined a vocal group called the Desideros, along with Eugene Record, Robert Lester, and Clarence Johnson. They later changed their name to the Hi-Lites, and then to the Chi-Lites, after their hometown. They signed with Brunswick Records in 1968, and began to record their own songs, written by Record and Jones. They had their first hit in 1969, with “Give It Away”, which reached number 10 on the R&B chart. They followed it with more hits, such as “I Like Your Lovin’ (Do You Like Mine)”, “Are You My Woman? (Tell Me So)”, and “(For God’s Sake) Give More Power to the People”. They reached their peak of popularity in 1971 and 1972, with two number one R&B hits, “Have You Seen Her” and “Oh Girl”, which also crossed over to the pop chart. They were known for their smooth and soulful sound, their social and political messages, and their distinctive outfits and hairstyles.

Creadel Red Jones’ Cause of Death and Legacy

Creadel Red Jones’ cause of death was a heart attack. He passed away on August 25, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois. He was only 53 years old. He had been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, and had undergone a kidney transplant in 1992. He was survived by his wife, Cassandra, and his four children, Creadel Jr., Crystal, Corey, and Chante. He was buried at the Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago.

Creadel Red Jones’ death saddened and shocked the music industry and his fans. He left behind a legacy of excellence and innovation in soul and R&B music. He was part of the Chi-Lites, one of the most successful and influential groups of their era. He also inspired many other artists, such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Tupac Shakur, who sampled or covered some of the Chi-Lites’ songs. He was honored and remembered by his peers and collaborators, who praised his talent and professionalism. He was also inducted into the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame in 2014, along with the rest of the Chi-Lites. He will be remembered as one of the best in his field and a beloved member of the music community.