Craig Chamberlin Cause of Death: The Shocking Truth Behind a Former Deputy’s Demise


Craig Chamberlin was a former Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy who served the office for 25 years. He was also a candidate for Sheriff in 2022, but withdrew from the race after being fired by his former boss, Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, for alleged misconduct. He died on April 30, 2024, at the age of 49, leaving behind his wife and two daughters. His death was initially reported as a heart attack, but later revealed to be linked to fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid. In this article, we will explore the life and career of Craig Chamberlin, and the cause of his death.

Early Life and Career

Craig Chamberlin was born on June 12, 1974, in Spokane Valley, Washington. He graduated from West Valley High School in 1992, where he was a star athlete and student. He then attended Eastern Washington University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He joined the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office in 1996, and transferred to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office in 1998. He rose through the ranks, becoming a detective, a sergeant, and a lieutenant. He was also a member of the SWAT team, the bomb squad, and the hostage negotiation team. He received several awards and commendations for his service, including the Medal of Valor, the Life Saving Award, and the Distinguished Service Award.

Chamberlin was also a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office, appearing on local media outlets and social media platforms. He was known for his charisma, professionalism, and humor. He was well-liked and respected by his colleagues, the public, and the press. He was also involved in various community and charitable activities, such as coaching youth sports, volunteering at schools, and supporting veterans.

Sheriff’s Race and Firing

In February 2022, Chamberlin announced his candidacy for Sheriff, challenging his longtime boss and mentor, Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich. He said he wanted to bring a fresh perspective and new leadership to the office, and promised to improve morale, transparency, and accountability. He also criticized Knezovich for his handling of some high-profile cases, such as the death of a jail inmate and the shooting of a mentally ill man. He gained the support of some deputies, who felt that Knezovich was too authoritarian and out of touch.

However, Chamberlin’s campaign soon faced a backlash, as Knezovich accused him of lying, insubordination, and misconduct. He said that Chamberlin had violated several policies and procedures, such as leaking confidential information, misusing county resources, and making false statements. He also said that Chamberlin had a history of disciplinary actions, such as being suspended for excessive force, being reprimanded for inappropriate behavior, and being investigated for sexual harassment. He said that Chamberlin was unfit to be Sheriff, and that he was running for personal and political reasons.

In April 2022, Knezovich fired Chamberlin, after an internal investigation found him guilty of misconduct. Chamberlin denied the allegations, and said that he was being targeted and retaliated against for running against Knezovich. He said that he had done nothing wrong, and that he had always acted with integrity and honesty. He said that he would appeal the decision, and continue his campaign. However, he later withdrew from the race, citing personal and family reasons. He said that he was proud of his service, and that he hoped to clear his name and reputation.

Craig Chamberlin Cause of Death and Legacy

Craig Chamberlin died on April 30, 2024, at his home in Spokane Valley. His wife, Jennifer, found him unresponsive on the couch, and called 911. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, and can cause respiratory failure and death in small doses. It is often mixed with other drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, or counterfeit pills, and can be ingested, injected, or absorbed through the skin.

The friend, who was not identified, told investigators that he had given Chamberlin the pill as a “painkiller”, and that he did not know it contained fentanyl. He said that he had taken the other half of the pill himself, and that he had also overdosed, but survived. He said that he was sorry for what happened, and that he did not intend to harm Chamberlin.

Chamberlin’s death shocked and saddened his family, friends, and former colleagues, who remembered him as a dedicated and loyal deputy, a loving and caring husband and father, and a fun and friendly person. His funeral was held on May 8, 2024, at the Spokane Convention Center, where hundreds of people attended, including law enforcement officers from across the state. He was eulogized by his wife, Jennifer, who said that he was her soulmate and best friend, and by his daughters, Taylor and Madison, who said that he was their hero and role model. He was buried at the Fairmount Memorial Park in Spokane, where his grave was marked by a bronze plaque.

Craig Chamberlin was a former deputy who left behind a legacy of service and sacrifice. His cause of death was a tragic result of the opioid crisis that has claimed thousands of lives in the country. His life, however, was a reflection of his passion and commitment to his profession, his family, and his community. As he said in one of his videos, “I love being a cop, I love helping people, and I love making a difference”.