CJ Tambornino Cause of Death: The Skateboarding Star Who Overdosed on Prescription Drugs

Who was CJ Tambornino?

CJ Tambornino was a professional skateboarder from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who was known for his incredible skills and style. He could perform complex and creative tricks with ease and grace, often leaving his viewers in awe and disbelief. He was also a friendly and generous person who loved his family and friends.

Tambornino was born on January 10, 1987, and started skateboarding at the age of seven. He soon became a local legend, winning contests and earning sponsorships from brands like Cal Surf, Nike SB, and Familia Skateshop. He also appeared in several skate videos, such as Familia 2, The Minnesota Tour, and The Birdhouse Tour. He was admired and respected by his peers and fans, who considered him one of the best skaters in the world.

How did CJ Tambornino die?

CJ Tambornino died on June 27, 2017, at the age of 30, from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. he was found unresponsive on the sofa at his home by his father, who called the paramedics and the police. The medical examiner’s office later ruled his death as a result of “mixed tramadol, alprazolam, and methadone toxicity”.

Tramadol and methadone are both opioid painkillers, while alprazolam is a sedative used to treat anxiety. The combination of these drugs can cause respiratory depression, coma, and death. It is unclear if Tambornino had a prescription for any or all of these drugs, or if he obtained them illegally. It is also unclear if he had a history of substance abuse or mental health issues.

How did the skateboarding community react to CJ Tambornino’s death?

CJ Tambornino’s death shocked and saddened the skateboarding community, who mourned the loss of a talented and beloved skater. His family, friends, and fans paid tribute to him on social media, sharing their memories and condolences. His sponsors and fellow skaters also honored him with videos, photos, and articles, celebrating his life and legacy.

Many skaters expressed their admiration and gratitude for Tambornino, saying that he inspired them to skate better and to enjoy life more. They also praised his kindness and generosity, saying that he was always willing to help and support others. They described him as a legend, a genius, and a hero, who will never be forgotten.

Why is CJ Tambornino’s death a wake-up call for the skateboarding culture?

CJ Tambornino’s death is a wake-up call for the skateboarding culture, as it exposes the hidden problem of drug abuse and addiction among skaters. many skaters struggle with physical and mental pain, and resort to drugs to cope with their injuries, stress, and depression. Some also use drugs to enhance their performance, creativity, and confidence.

However, these drugs can have serious and fatal consequences, as they can lead to dependence, overdose, and death. Many skaters have lost their lives or their careers due to drug abuse, such as Jay Adams, Phil Shao, Shane Cross, Lewis Marnell, and Ben Raemers. These tragic cases show the need for more awareness, education, and prevention of drug abuse and addiction among skaters.

How can we remember and honor CJ Tambornino’s memory?

We can remember and honor CJ Tambornino’s memory by appreciating his amazing skateboarding skills and style, which he showcased in his videos and contests. We can also watch and share his footage, which is available on YouTube and other platforms. We can also support his family and friends, who have set up a memorial fund to help with his funeral expenses and his son’s education.

We can also honor his memory by being responsible and safe skaters, by avoiding drugs and alcohol, and by seeking help if we have any problems or issues. We can also be kind and generous to our fellow skaters, by encouraging and helping them to achieve their goals and dreams. We can also spread the love and joy of skateboarding, which CJ Tambornino embodied and exemplified.

CJ Tambornino was a skateboarding star who overdosed on prescription drugs. He was a brilliant and beautiful skater who made a difference. He was a legend who left a mark. He was a hero who inspired many. He was a son, a father, a friend, and a brother. He was CJ.