Cause of Death Evansville IN: A Look at the Recent Cases in the City

What is the role of the Vanderburgh County Coroner?

The Vanderburgh County Coroner is the official who investigates deaths in Evansville, Indiana, and the surrounding areas. The coroner’s main duty is to determine the cause and manner of death for each case, and to issue death certificates. The coroner also works with law enforcement, medical professionals, and families to provide information and assistance. the coroner is required to investigate the following types of deaths:

  • Known or suspected suicide deaths
  • Known or suspected homicide deaths
  • Known or suspected motor vehicle accidental deaths
  • Known or suspected accidental deaths
  • Deaths of unidentified persons
  • Unknown cause of death of infants and children
  • All unexpected deaths
  • Natural deaths where no attending physician is present at the time of death
  • All work related deaths
  • Death involving criminal action

What are some of the recent cases of death in Evansville?

In the past few months, the coroner has reported several cases of death in Evansville, ranging from natural causes to violent crimes. Here are some of the notable cases:

  • Timothy Ivy: He was found dead inside a home on Stinson Avenue on October 21, 2021. According to the coroner, he died from strangulation. A woman was also found inside the home, who was alive but bound and raped.
  • Walter Baker Jr.: He died on March 29, 2022