Carla Bartolucci Cause of Death: The Inspiring Legacy of an Organic Food Pioneer

Carla Bartolucci was the co-founder and CEO of Jovial Foods, a North Stonington-based organic food company that produces einkorn, gluten-free, and grain-free products. She was also the co-founder of Bionaturae, an organic Italian food brand. She was a visionary entrepreneur, a successful cookbook author, and a passionate advocate for healthy and sustainable food. She died on May 22, 2021, at the age of 53, at her home in Italy, surrounded by her family. What was Carla Bartolucci's cause of death? And what did she accomplish in her remarkable life and career?

## A Brief Illness That Took Her Away

According to the official statement from Jovial Foods, Carla Bartolucci's cause of death was a brief illness that she contracted in April 2021. The exact nature and details of the illness were not disclosed, but it was described as "very rare and aggressive". She was hospitalized in Italy, where she lived with her husband and co-founder, Rodolfo Viola, and their two daughters. She received the best medical care possible, but her condition worsened and she passed away peacefully at her home.

Her death came as a shock and a sorrow to her family, friends, colleagues, and customers, who expressed their condolences and tributes on social media and other platforms. She was remembered as a kind, generous, and inspiring person, who touched many lives with her products, books, and personality.

## A Lifelong Passion for Food and Farming

Carla Bartolucci was born in Connecticut, in an Italian-American family that loved food and farming. She grew up helping her grandparents in their vegetable garden and learning how to cook from scratch. She developed a keen interest in nutrition and organic agriculture, and decided to pursue a career in the food industry.

She met her husband, Rodolfo Viola, in Italy, where he was working as an organic farmer. They shared a common vision of creating high-quality, authentic, and organic Italian food products, and founded Bionaturae in 1995. They started with organic pasta, and later expanded to olive oil, vinegar, tomatoes, and fruit spreads. They became one of the leading organic food brands in the US, and won several awards and recognition for their products.

In 2010, they launched Jovial Foods, a new brand that focused on einkorn, an ancient and unmodified species of wheat that has higher protein, lower gluten, and more nutrients than modern wheat. Carla discovered einkorn when she was looking for a solution for her daughter's gluten sensitivity, and found that she could tolerate it better than other grains. She became fascinated by the history and potential of einkorn, and decided to make it the core of her new brand.

Jovial Foods also offers gluten-free and grain-free products, such as pasta, cookies, crackers, and flour, made with ingredients like brown rice, cassava, and almond. All of their products are organic, non-GMO, and free of allergens and additives. They are also produced in Italy, in partnership with small-scale farmers and artisans, who follow sustainable and ethical practices.

Carla was also a successful cookbook author, who wrote two books on einkorn: Einkorn: Recipes for Nature's Original Wheat (2015) and Einkorn: The New Gluten-Free Supergrain (2017). She shared her personal story, her research, and her recipes, to introduce einkorn to a wider audience and to show its benefits and versatility. She also hosted cooking classes and culinary tours in Italy, where she invited her customers to experience the culture and cuisine of her adopted country.

## A Lasting Impact on the Food Industry and the World

Carla Bartolucci's cause of death was a tragic end to a life that had a lasting impact on the food industry and the world. She was a pioneer of the organic food movement, who brought innovation, quality, and authenticity to her products. She was a leader of the einkorn revival, who rediscovered and promoted an ancient and nutritious grain. She was a mentor and a role model, who inspired and supported other entrepreneurs, especially women, in the food sector.

She was also a mother, a wife, a sister, and a friend, who loved her family and her community. She was a human being, who had a passion, a purpose, and a dream, and who pursued them with courage and dedication. She was a hero, who will be remembered for her achievements, but also for her challenges.