Brenda Imus Cause of Death: Remembering the Gaited Horse Expert and Author

Who was Brenda Imus?

Brenda Imus was an American horsewoman, author, and educator who specialized in gaited horses. She was born in 1950 in New York and grew up in a farm where she developed a passion for horses. She started riding at the age of four and trained her first horse at the age of 12. She became interested in gaited horses, which are horses that can perform smooth, natural gaits other than the typical walk, trot, and canter. She researched and studied various gaited breeds, such as the Tennessee Walking Horse, the Missouri Fox Trotter, the Paso Fino, and the Icelandic Horse.

What did she do for gaited horses?

Brenda Imus was a pioneer and a leader in the field of gaited horsemanship. She wrote several books and articles on gaited horses, such as Heavenly Gaits, The Gaited Horse Bible, and The Imus Training Bit Manual. She also produced videos and DVDs, such as Gaited Horse Training Essentials and Gaited Horse Saddle Fitting. She taught clinics and seminars across the country and abroad, sharing her knowledge and experience with thousands of gaited horse enthusiasts. She also developed and marketed products for gaited horses, such as saddles, bridles, bits, and pads, that were designed to enhance the natural gait and comfort of the horse. She advocated for humane and natural methods of training and riding gaited horses, and opposed the use of harsh and abusive techniques that were common in some gaited horse circles.

How did she die?

Brenda Imus died of a heart attack on October 16, 2013, at the age of 63. She was at her home in Ocala, Florida, where she had moved with her husband Jim a few years earlier. She had been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia for several years, and had reduced her public appearances and activities. She had also been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, and had undergone surgery and radiation therapy. She was survived by her husband, four children, and nine grandchildren.

What is her legacy?

Brenda Imus is remembered as a visionary and a trailblazer in the gaited horse world, who made a lasting impact on the lives of countless horses and riders. Her books and videos are still widely used and recommended by gaited horse owners and trainers, and her products are still popular and sought after. Her teachings and principles are still followed and respected by many gaited horse enthusiasts, who appreciate her holistic and ethical approach to gaited horsemanship. Her legacy lives on through her family, her students, her fans, and her horses. She once said, “I love gaited horses because they are so versatile, so willing, and so much fun.