Bob Proctor Cause of Death Reddit: How the Internet Reacted to the Loss of a Self-Help Icon

Who was Bob Proctor?

Bob Proctor was a Canadian author, speaker, and motivational coach who was best known for his book You Were Born Rich (1984) and his appearance in the film The Secret (2006). He was one of the leading figures in the personal development industry, teaching millions of people how to use the law of attraction and positive thinking to achieve their goals and dreams. He founded the Proctor Gallagher Institute, a company that offers seminars, courses, and coaching programs on various topics related to success and happiness. He also collaborated with other influential authors and speakers, such as Jack Canfield, Les Brown, and Tony Robbins.

How did he die?

Proctor passed away on February 3, 2022, at the age of 87. His death was announced by his business partner and friend, Sandy Gallagher, who did not reveal the cause of his death. However, some online sources claimed that he died from COVID-19 complications, resulting in kidney failure. He was in the hospital several times for treatment of infections and operated on for bladder cancer. However, the authentic reports are yet to be disclosed.

How did Reddit react?

Reddit, the popular online platform where users can post and discuss various topics, had a mixed reaction to Proctor’s death. Some users expressed their condolences and gratitude for his teachings, while others criticized his methods and beliefs. Here are some of the comments from different subreddits:

  • r/lawofattraction: “I’m so sad to hear this. Bob Proctor was one of the first teachers I learned from when I discovered the law of attraction. His videos and books helped me change my mindset and improve my life. He was a legend and an inspiration.
  • r/productivity: “Bob Proctor was a scam artist who preyed on vulnerable people with his pseudo-scientific nonsense. He sold false hope and unrealistic expectations, while making millions from his overpriced programs and products. He was part of the cult of positivity that ignores reality and logic.
  • r/selfimprovement: “Bob Proctor was a great teacher who shared valuable wisdom and insights. He taught me how to use my mind to create my reality and how to overcome my limiting beliefs and fears. He was a master of manifestation and a role model for many.
  • r/skeptic: “Bob Proctor was a charlatan who promoted pseudoscience and quackery. He exploited the popularity of The Secret and the law of attraction, which are based on quantum mysticism and magical thinking. He had no evidence or credentials to back up his claims and he contradicted himself often.

What is his legacy?

Bob Proctor left behind a legacy of passion, excellence, and inspiration for the self-help community and beyond. He was one of the pioneers of the genre, and one of the few who achieved worldwide fame and recognition. He also contributed to the promotion and protection of the environment, becoming a vegetarian and an advocate for animal rights. He was featured in several documentaries and books about success and happiness, and his teachings are still celebrated today. He is remembered as a legend of the law of attraction, and a mentor to many.