Billie Jean Nunley Campbell: The Woman Behind Glen Campbell’s Success

Billie Jean Nunley Campbell was the second wife of Glen Campbell, a famous country singer and musician. She was also a hairdresser, a manager, and a mother of four children. She died on February 6, 1993, in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 53. The exact cause of her death was not revealed, but some sources suggest that she had health problems related to alcoholism.

How She Met Glen Campbell

Billie Jean Nunley was born on August 1, 1939, in Carlsbad, New Mexico. She worked as a hairdresser in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she met Glen Campbell at a local club in 1959. They got married on September 20, 1959, and moved to Los Angeles, California, where Glen pursued his music career. Billie Jean supported Glen’s talent and ambition, and helped him open many doors in the music industry. She became his manager, handling his finances, contracts, and bookings. She also took care of their four children: Debby (from Glen’s first marriage), Kelli, Travis, and Kane. (According to Facebook and Wikipedia)

How She Contributed to Glen Campbell’s Fame

Billie Jean Nunley Campbell was instrumental in Glen Campbell’s rise to fame and success. She encouraged him to pursue his passion for music, and introduced him to many influential people in the industry. She also helped him develop his image and style, and gave him honest feedback on his songs and performances. She was his partner, his confidant, and his biggest fan. She was with him when he became a sought-after session guitarist, a hit singer, a television star, and a movie actor. She was also with him when he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, and faced legal and personal troubles. She stood by him through thick and thin, until they divorced in 1976. (According to Facebook and Wikipedia)

How She Lived After the Divorce

After the divorce, Billie Jean Nunley Campbell remained in Los Angeles, where she raised her children and continued to work as a hairdresser. She also maintained a friendly relationship with Glen, who remarried twice and had four more children. She was proud of Glen’s achievements, and supported his charity work for the Alzheimer’s Association. She also kept in touch with his fans, who appreciated her role in his life and career. She was a remarkable woman, who worked hard, loved deeply, and gave generously. She died on February 6, 1993, and was buried at Carlsbad Cemetery in New Mexico. (According to Find a Grave and Facebook)