Ben McMillan Cause of Death: How the Grunge Legend Lost His Battle with Diabetes

Who was Ben McMillan?

Ben McMillan was the vocalist and guitarist of Gruntruck, an American grunge band formed in 1989 in Seattle, Washington. He was also a former member of Skin Yard, another influential band in the Seattle sound scene. Gruntruck was known for their heavy and metal-oriented grunge style, and they toured with bands like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Pantera. Some of their songs, such as “Tribe” and “Not a Lot to Save”, appeared on the soundtrack of the film PCU and on MTV’s Headbangers Ball.

How did Ben McMillan die?

Ben McMillan died at age 46 from complications related to diabetes on January 26, 2008. According to Wikipedia, he had been suffering from the disease for several years and had undergone multiple surgeries and amputations. He was hospitalized in December 2007 and remained in a coma until his death. His bandmates and friends paid tribute to him on social media and in interviews, remembering him as a talented and passionate musician and a kind and generous person.

What is the legacy of Ben McMillan and Gruntruck?

Ben McMillan and Gruntruck left a lasting impact on the grunge and alternative metal scene, influencing many bands and artists with their distinctive sound and style. They were also praised for their perseverance and dedication, despite facing many challenges and setbacks in their career, such as legal disputes, label changes, lineup changes, and health issues. In 2017, Gruntruck released their third and final album, which was recorded in the late 1990s but shelved due to various reasons. The album was dedicated to the memory of Ben McMillan and received positive reviews from critics and fans. Gruntruck is considered one of the heaviest and most underrated grunge bands of all time.