Becca Rosenthal: The Unresolved Mystery of Her Cause of Death

Becca Rosenthal was a passionate music lover, blogger, and software engineer who worked for Reddit. She was also a friend and collaborator of singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer, and appeared in her music video for “Oasis”. She died on October 3, 2012, at the age of 28, but the cause of her death remains unknown. What happened to Becca Rosenthal, and why was her death shrouded in secrecy?

A Tragic Loss

Becca Rosenthal died on October 3, 2012, after being hospitalized for a week. She did not reveal the nature of her illness or the cause of her death, only saying that it was “unexpected and sudden”. She also asked for privacy and respect for Becca’s family and friends, who were devastated by the loss.

Becca Rosenthal was a talented and creative person who loved music, art, and technology. She graduated from Smith College in 2006, where she studied music and history. She was an avid blogger who ran the beecharmer blog, where she shared her discoveries and opinions on obscure and vintage music. She also worked as an archivist for Amanda Palmer, collecting and organizing her audio and press materials. She was a fan of Palmer’s music, and even appeared as one of the characters in her controversial video for “Oasis”, a song about rape and abortion.

Becca Rosenthal was remembered by her friends, family, and fans as a kind, generous, and adventurous person who had a zest for life and a curiosity for the world. She was also described as a loyal, supportive, and funny friend who always had a smile and a hug for everyone. She was honored with a memorial service at the First Unitarian Church in Brooklyn, where Amanda Palmer performed a song dedicated to her.

A Mysterious Cause of Death

Despite the widespread interest and sympathy for Becca Rosenthal’s death, her family and her employer declined to comment on the nature of her illness or the cause of her death. They only said that she had a “private medical condition” that was not related to her work at Reddit. They also asked for privacy and respect during their time of grief.

Some speculated that Becca Rosenthal’s cause of death was kept secret because it was embarrassing, stigmatizing, or controversial. Some wondered if she had a chronic disease, such as diabetes, cancer, or HIV, that she did not want to disclose. Others suggested that she might have been involved in some illegal or immoral activity, such as drug abuse, prostitution, or adultery, that led to her infection. However, there was no evidence to support any of these theories, and they were mostly based on rumors and gossip.

Some also compared Becca Rosenthal’s case to that of another unidentified woman who was found dead by suicide in a hotel in 1991. A photo of her was present in the room, but she has never been identified. Some wondered if Becca Rosenthal had a similar fate, and if her photo was also a clue to her identity and her cause of death.

However, these comparisons were also based on speculation and conjecture, and did not account for the differences between the two cases. For instance, Becca Rosenthal was not anonymous, and her family and friends knew who she was and where she was. She also did not die by suicide, but by an unknown illness. She also did not leave behind any note or message that could explain her death.

A Legacy of Music and Love

Regardless of the mystery surrounding her cause of death, Becca Rosenthal’s legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of many people who loved her and her music. She was remembered as a warm, generous, and cheerful person who always had a smile and a kind word for everyone. She was also praised as a talented and hardworking engineer who took pride in her craft and made a positive impact on the world. She was honored with a memorial service, a scholarship fund, and a tribute song by Amanda Palmer.

Becca Rosenthal’s music and blog are still available online, where they are enjoyed by her fans and followers. Her blog, the beecharmer, showcases her eclectic and diverse taste in music, ranging from French pop to indie rock. Her blog also reveals her personality and her passion for music, as she writes with enthusiasm, humor, and insight. Her blog is a treasure trove of musical gems, and a testament to her love and appreciation for art.

Becca Rosenthal was a passionate music lover, blogger, and software engineer who died on October 3, 2012, at the age of 28. Her cause of death remains unknown, but her legacy of music and love lives on. She was the beecharmer, and she will always be.