Beatrice Schy Cause of Death: The Untold Story of Abe Vigoda’s Wife

Beatrice Schy was the second and last wife of Abe Vigoda, a famous American actor who starred in The Godfather and Barney Miller. She was a private and mysterious person, who rarely appeared in the public eye. She died at the age of 44, leaving behind a grieving husband and a daughter. What was the cause of death of Beatrice Schy, and what was her life like with Abe Vigoda?

A Secretive and Supportive Spouse

Beatrice Schy was born in 1919, but her exact date and place of birth are unknown. She was of Jewish descent, and her parents were immigrants from Russia. She had a brother named Hyman Schy, who was a lawyer and a judge. She met Abe Vigoda in 1967, when he was performing in a Broadway play called The Man in the Glass Booth. They fell in love and got married in 1968, in a small and private ceremony.

Beatrice Schy was a supportive and devoted spouse, who stood by Abe Vigoda’s side throughout his career. She accompanied him to various events and premieres, but she preferred to stay away from the spotlight. She rarely gave interviews or spoke to the media, and she kept her personal life and opinions to herself. She was a homemaker, who took care of the household and their daughter, Carol Vigoda, who was Abe’s child from his previous marriage to Sonja Gohlke.

Beatrice Schy and Abe Vigoda had a happy and harmonious marriage, despite their age difference of 28 years. They shared a common interest in music, and they often played the piano and sang together. They also enjoyed traveling, reading, and watching movies. They lived in a modest apartment in New York City, and later moved to a house in Los Angeles. They were known as a loving and respectful couple, who never argued or fought.

A Tragic and Premature Death

Beatrice Schy died on April 30, 1992, at the age of 44. The cause of her death was throat cancer, which she had been battling for a long time. She had undergone several surgeries and treatments, but none of them were successful. She passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by her family and friends.

Beatrice Schy’s death was a devastating blow for Abe Vigoda, who was deeply in love with her. He said that she was “the best thing that ever happened to me” and “the most wonderful woman in the world”. He also said that she was “a fighter” who “never complained or gave up”. He was heartbroken and depressed, and he had a hard time coping with his loss. He said that he felt “empty and lonely” without her, and that he missed her every day.

Abe Vigoda never remarried after Beatrice Schy’s death, and he remained faithful to her memory. He said that he still wore his wedding ring, and that he still talked to her in his mind. He also said that he hoped to see her again in the afterlife, and that he believed that she was watching over him. He said that he was “grateful” for the time that they had together, and that he was “proud” to be her husband.

A Legacy of Love and Mystery

Beatrice Schy’s death was a tragic and premature end to a life that was full of love and mystery. She was a secretive and supportive spouse, who gave her all to Abe Vigoda and their daughter. She was a private and mysterious person, who left behind few traces of her existence. She was a loving and devoted wife, who died too soon and left a void in Abe Vigoda’s heart.

Beatrice Schy’s life and death remain largely unknown and untold, as she did not seek fame or attention. She was content with being Abe Vigoda’s wife, and she did not care about the public’s opinion or curiosity. She was a humble and gracious woman, who did not want to be remembered or honored. She was a beautiful and mysterious woman, who will always be a part of Abe Vigoda’s story.