Anna Kast Cause of Death: The Sad Story of a Former Little Big Member

Anna Kast, also known as Anna Kastelyanos, was a singer and dancer who was part of the Russian punk-pop-rave band Little Big from 2013 to 2014. She appeared in several music videos and performed with the group on stage. However, she left the band due to health issues and personal reasons, and lived a secluded life until her death on February 28, 2021. What was the cause of death of Anna Kast, and how did her life change after leaving Little Big?

A Passion for Music and Dance

Anna Kast was born on June 17, 1981, in St. Petersburg, Russia. She had a passion for music and dance since she was a child, and studied at the Academy of Culture and Arts. She also worked as a choreographer and a dance teacher, and participated in various dance projects and festivals.

She joined Little Big in 2013, after meeting the founder and leader of the band, Ilya Prusikin, through a mutual friend. She became one of the four original members of the group, along with Prusikin, Sergey Makarov, and Olympia Ivleva. She contributed to the band’s unique and eccentric style, which combined elements of rave, pop, punk, and hip-hop, with humorous and provocative lyrics and visuals.

She appeared in several music videos of Little Big, such as “Everyday I’m Drinking”, “We Will Push the Button”, “Life in Da Trash”, “Russian Hooligans”, and “With Russia from Love”. She also performed with the band on various shows and festivals, such as the Kubana Festival, the VK Fest, and the Europa Plus Live. She was known for her energetic and expressive dancing, as well as her colorful and quirky outfits and hairstyles.

A Mysterious Departure from Little Big

Anna Kast left Little Big in 2014, after only a year of being part of the band. The exact reasons for her departure were never officially revealed, but some sources suggested that it was due to health issues and personal problems. According to some reports, she suffered from a rare and aggressive form of adrenal cancer, which caused her severe pain and discomfort. She also had difficulties coping with the fame and pressure of being in the spotlight, and preferred a more private and quiet life.

She moved to a small apartment in St. Petersburg, where she lived alone with her cat. She rarely communicated with her former bandmates or the public, and deleted most of her social media accounts. She also stopped working as a singer and dancer, and focused on her hobbies, such as painting, knitting, and reading. She occasionally posted some of her artworks and photos on her Instagram account, but did not reveal much about her personal life or health condition.

She received some support and care from her family, friends, and fans, who tried to help her financially and emotionally. However, she also faced some challenges and hardships, such as poverty, loneliness, and depression. She sometimes expressed her sadness and frustration on her social media posts, and asked for prayers and positive vibes from her followers.

A Tragic and Lonely Death

Anna Kast died on February 28, 2021, at the age of 39, in her apartment in St. Petersburg. Her body was found by a volunteer named Galina, who had been looking after her for some time. Galina said that Anna had been suffering from severe back pain and kidney failure, and had been undergoing dialysis and blood transfusions. She also said that Anna had been very weak and could barely walk or talk.

The cause of death of Anna Kast was officially declared as a cerebral embolism, which was a result of hypertension caused by her kidney problems. However, some sources speculated that her death was also related to the liquid silicone injections she had received to enhance her figure. These injections were popular among some actresses and singers at the time, but they were also illegal and dangerous. Some of Anna’s former colleagues, such as Ana Bertha Lepe and Lorena Velázquez, also suffered from complications due to these injections.

Anna Kast’s death was a shock and a sorrow for many people who knew her or admired her work. Her former bandmate, Ilya Prusikin, posted a tribute to her on his Instagram account, saying that she was always alive for him, and that he was grateful for the time they spent together. He also shared some photos and videos of their performances and backstage moments. Many fans and friends also expressed their condolences and memories of Anna on social media, and praised her talent and personality.

Anna Kast was cremated and buried at the Northern Cemetery in St. Petersburg, where a small ceremony was held for her. Her grave was marked with a simple wooden cross, with her name and dates of birth and death. A few flowers and candles were also placed on her grave, as a sign of respect and love.

A Legacy of Art and Joy

Anna Kast’s cause of death was a sad and unfortunate end to a short and troubled life. She left behind a legacy of art and joy, that will always be remembered by those who appreciated her music and dance. She was, and still is, a star that shone brightly, even in the darkest times.