Alvarez Guedes Cause of Death: How the Cuban Comedian Left a Legacy of Laughter

Who was Alvarez Guedes?

Alvarez Guedes was a Cuban comedian, actor, writer, and businessman who was known for his jokes and humor in Spanish. He was born in Unión de Reyes, Matanzas, Cuba, on June 8, 1927, and began his showbiz career in his hometown as a child. He later moved to Havana, where he worked in theaters, radio, television, and movies. He also founded Gema Records, a company that launched the careers of many Latin American musicians

Why did he leave Cuba?

In 1960, after the Cuban Revolution, Alvarez Guedes was forced into exile. He first settled in New York City, then in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he made his first comedy album in 1973. He eventually moved to Miami, Florida, where he became an icon of the Cuban exile community. He recorded more than 30 albums of stand-up comedy, wrote over 20 books, and appeared in several television shows and movies. He also performed live in clubs and theaters across Latin America and the United States

How did he die?

Alvarez Guedes died on July 30, 2013, at his home in Kendall, a neighborhood of Miami. He was 86 years old. He had been suffering from a stomach ache that was later diagnosed as a serious illness. The exact cause of death was not disclosed by his family or friends

What was his legacy?

Alvarez Guedes was widely regarded as one of the most influential and beloved comedians of Spanish-language comedy. He had a unique style of telling jokes that mixed linguistic humor with physical comedy. He also used his humor to cope with the pain and loss of exile, and to make his fellow Cubans and other Spanish speakers laugh and feel good. He was admired by many fellow entertainers and fans, who thanked him for his years of laughter and joy

According to Wikipedia, Alvarez Guedes said in a 2010 interview that the most important thing about comedy was having material good enough to improve the health of his audience. He said: “I always try to make all those who speak Spanish laugh. Some laugh more than others, but for me the most important [thing] is that people have material enough to improve their health.”

That was his gift to the world: a legacy of laughter that will live on in his recordings, books, movies, and memories. Alvarez Guedes cause of death may have taken him away, but his humor will never die.