Alma Dal Co Cause of Death: A Tragic Loss for Science

Who was Alma Dal Co?

Alma Dal Co was a talented and young scientist who specialized in microbial ecology and complex biological systems. She was born and raised in Venice, Italy, where she developed her passion for music and piano. She obtained a master’s degree in piano from the Conservatory of Venice before switching to science. She earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics from the University of Padua and the University of Turin, respectively, before pursuing a PhD in systems biology at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. She completed her PhD in 2019 and moved to Harvard University for a postdoctoral position. In 2021, she joined the University of Lausanne (UNIL) in Switzerland as an assistant professor, becoming one of the youngest ever to be appointed at the university. She was leading a dynamic research group that focused on the behavior and structural organization of microbial communities, using cutting-edge techniques such as microbiology, imaging, microfluidics, and engineering. She was also an inspiring teacher and a caring mentor for her students and collaborators. She had a bright future ahead of her and was widely recognized for her contributions to the field of microbial ecology.

How did Alma Dal Co die?

Alma Dal Co died in a tragic diving accident on November 14, 2022, while she was spearfishing off the coast of Pantelleria, a small island in southern Italy where her parents owned a house. She had gone out on a boat with a local friend and decided to dive in the calm waters near the town of Scauri. However, something went wrong during the dive and she did not resurface. Her friend found her body resting on the seafloor and tried to revive her, but it was too late. The exact cause of death is still under investigation, but it is suspected that she suffered from a fatal decompression sickness or a cardiac arrest. She was 33 years old.

What is the impact of Alma Dal Co’s death?

The death of Alma Dal Co has shocked and saddened the scientific community and the public. She was a brilliant and enthusiastic researcher who had made valuable discoveries and innovations in the field of microbial ecology. She was also a generous and cheerful person who loved to connect with people and share her knowledge and passion. She had many friends and colleagues who admired and respected her. She was a role model for many young scientists, especially women, who aspire to pursue a career in science. She was a modern polymath who combined her talents in music, physics, and biology. She was a rare and precious gem that will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

How can we honor Alma Dal Co’s memory?

Alma Dal Co’s memory can be honored by celebrating her life and achievements, and by continuing her legacy in science and education. Her research group at UNIL has created an electronic memory book where people can share their messages and memories of her. Her family and friends have also set up a foundation in her name that will support young scientists in the field of microbial ecology. Moreover, her work and publications will remain as a source of inspiration and guidance for future generations of researchers. Alma Dal Co was a remarkable scientist and a wonderful human being who left a lasting impact on the world. She will always be remembered and cherished by those who loved her.