Alex Hero Cause of Death: A Tragic Loss for Sports Journalism

Who was Alex Hero?

Alex Hero was a young and talented sports journalist who died suddenly on Thanksgiving Day, 2014. He was only 23 years old. He is survived by his parents, Byron and Camille, and sister, Gabrielle.

Alex Hero was a graduate of The Hill School, where he was President of the School, winner of the Award for Excellence in Leadership, and Captain of the Varsity Soccer and Baseball teams. He also graduated from Amherst College in 2014, where he majored in religion and helped lead the Amherst baseball team to four record-setting seasons.

Alex Hero had a passion for sports and journalism. He wanted to use sports as a medium to comment on social, economic and political issues, and to inspire people to look at the world in a new way. He wrote an essay for his application to Columbia Journalism School, where he expressed his vision and goals as a journalist. According to his website, he said:

“Sports and sports journalism have untapped potential to mobilize people politically and shape public policy debates. I want to use sports journalism in a way that few have, as a catalyst for social change.”

How did Alex Hero die?

The cause of Alex Hero’s death is not publicly known. His obituary in the New York Times did not mention any details about how he died. It only said that he died suddenly on Thanksgiving Day.

However, some sources have speculated that he may have died from a heart condition, a drug overdose, or a suicide. These are only rumors and have not been confirmed by his family or friends.

Alex Hero’s death was a shock and a tragedy for his loved ones and the sports journalism community. He was a bright and promising young man who had a lot to offer to the world. His death left a void that cannot be filled.

What is the legacy of Alex Hero?

Alex Hero’s legacy lives on through his writings, his memories, and his scholarship fund. His website,, showcases some of his articles and essays on various topics related to sports and society. His family and friends also share their stories and tributes to him on the website.

Alex Hero’s scholarship fund was established by his parents to honor his memory and to support students who share his passion for sports and journalism. The fund provides financial aid to students who attend The Hill School and who demonstrate leadership, excellence, and service.

Alex Hero was a remarkable person who touched many lives with his words and actions. He was a hero in his own right, who used his talents and skills to make a difference in the world. He will be remembered and missed by all who knew him.