Adrianne St George Cause of Death: The Story of a Castle and a Love Affair

A Castle of Love and Art

Adrianne t George was the wife of Alan St George, a sculptor and artist who built a 63-room castle in Savanna, Illinois, as a tribute to their love and passion. The castle, named Havencrest, was filled with sculptures, murals, paintings, and other artworks created by Alan, all inspired by and dedicated to Adrianne.

A Life of Beauty and Grace

Adrianne St George was born as Adrianne Blue Wakefield on September 9, 1950, in Connecticut. She married Alan St George on March 21, 1975, in Wilmette, Illinois, and said that it was the happiest day of her life. Adrianne was a talented and accomplished woman, who wrote books, illustrated children’s stories, produced and starred in a fairy tale, and founded a humane society. She was also known for hosting elegant and lavish dinner parties and events at the castle, where she charmed her guests with her intelligence, wit, and charm. She could speak several languages, and loved animals and gardenias.

A Death of Mystery and Sorrow

Adrianne St George died on June 1, 2006, at the age of 55, at her home, Havencrest Castle. The cause of her death was not publicly disclosed, and the manner of her death was ruled as natural. She was found dead in her bed by her husband and daughter, who were devastated by her loss. A private memorial service was held at a later date, and her ashes were buried at a nearby cemetery. Her death left a void in her husband’s life and heart, and he stopped creating art for several years. He later resumed his work, and started making bronze sculptures, some of which were based on his wife’s likeness.

A Legacy of Inspiration and Wonder

Adrianne St George left behind a lasting legacy as the muse and soulmate of Alan St George, and the co-creator of Havencrest Castle. She was admired and respected by many people who knew her or visited the castle, and inspired them with her beauty, grace, and generosity. She was also a role model and a mentor for many young women, who looked up to her for her skills and values. She will be remembered as a remarkable woman who touched many lives with her kindness, creativity, and spirit.