A Mother’s Betrayal: Debra Jeter’s Cause of Death

Debra Jeter was a Texas woman who killed her youngest daughter and attempted to kill her oldest daughter by slitting their throats with a knife in 2009. She died in prison in 2018 from natural causes. This is the tragic story of how a troubled mother turned into a cold-blooded murderer and how she faced justice for her crimes.

The Motive Behind the Murders

Debra Jeter was married to Lester Jeter, a truck driver, and had two daughters with him: Kiersten and Kelsey. Their marriage was unhappy and plagued by Debra’s mental health issues, drug abuse, and domestic violence. In 2009, Lester filed for divorce and obtained temporary custody of the girls, as well as a restraining order against Debra. Debra had attempted suicide in front of her daughters and was admitted to a mental institution.

However, a judge lifted the restraining order and allowed Debra to have unsupervised visits with her daughters after she was released. On June 5, 2009, Debra picked up Kiersten, 13, and Kelsey, 12, from their school and told them she had a surprise for them. She drove them to an abandoned house in Hill County, where she planned to kill them and herself. She later confessed that she was angry at Lester for leaving her and wanted to hurt him by taking away his children.

The Horrific Attack and the 911 Call

Debra Jeter lured her daughters into the house and attacked them with a knife. She stabbed Kiersten in the back and left her bleeding in a bedroom. She then dragged Kelsey into the bathroom and slit her throat, killing her instantly. She returned to Kiersten and cut her neck, severing her airway and an artery. She then tried to kill herself by cutting her wrists, but failed.

Debra then called 911 and calmly reported that she had killed her children. She said she was sorry and asked for an ambulance. She also said she wanted to die and hoped God would forgive her. The 911 operator tried to keep her on the line and get her location, but Debra hung up. She then called Lester and told him what she had done.

The police arrived at the scene and found Debra in the garage with her hands raised. They found Kelsey’s body in the bathroom and Kiersten’s in the bedroom. Kiersten was still alive and was rushed to the hospital, where she underwent surgery and survived. Debra was arrested and charged with capital murder and attempted capital murder.

The Trial and the Sentence

Debra Jeter pleaded guilty to the charges in May 2010 and accepted a plea deal that spared her the death penalty. She was sentenced to life in prison without parole. She also waived her right to appeal and agreed to have no contact with Kiersten or Lester. She expressed remorse for her actions and said she loved her daughters.

Debra Jeter died in prison in 2018 from natural causes. She was 42 years old. Kiersten Jeter recovered from her injuries and went on to live with her father and grandmother. She graduated from high school and college and became a nurse. She said she forgave her mother and hoped she found peace.